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Reese Rivers

Burn Butterfly Burn Audiobook

Burn Butterfly Burn Audiobook

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Secrets and lies rang through the night
The Butterfly took wing and flew out of sight
Ragged and torn, she ghosted along
Unable to love, she danced a new song
Wrapped up in flames to keep all away
They try and convince her to come back and play
Battling fire with fire, they do all they can
But Savy’s a master and won’t fall for their plan
The flames grow higher the harder they fight
Until all their love, burns everything in sight
What’s a Butterfly to do when she gets too close to the flames?
Fly, fly away and start her own damn fire, that’s what.

Savy got burnt when she gave those careless boys her heart. She flew from her cage and built a new one made from fire so no one can hurt her again. She’s writing her own story now and they won’t be a part of it, her book is closed to them.

Her men will do anything to get her back but when fire meets fire it causes an inferno that might turn them all to ash.

Burn Butterfly Burn is book 2 of the Masked duet and completes the story.

Narrated by:
Maeve York
Christian Black
Vincent Skye
Matt Haynes

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