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Reese Rivers

And Shatter

And Shatter

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A love so great and tragic that even erased completely, it causes echoes in Time that can’t be denied.

Eden Kelly made the ultimate sacrifice to Shatter the mirror and save her men from the pain and suffering that their love caused by erasing it all. With her timeline reset to before ever meeting them, she does the hard work of therapy and healing so she can make her way through the grief and PTSD that the attack caused her. Back at work and living life again, she still struggles with a feeling of emptiness that something is missing. The love filled dreams she has every night have her yearning for something she doesn’t understand but desperately wants.

Sebastian, Luca, Cade and Finn have spent centuries sampling the world’s pleasures, always searching for the one thing that will fill the void they all feel but never find. The faceless woman that has haunted their dreams for over three hundred years gives them hope that one day they will find her and the happiness they all crave.
A chance meeting at their new nightclub, Gothic sparks that hope that she’s the one but the more time they spend together the more the echoes of a life none of them have lived come into focus and make them question everything. Dreams become memories that never happened. Love surges but is tinged with unexplainable anger and despair as what was Shattered slowly pieces itself back together.

Can they overcome the damage done from a life they have no memory of living and grasp onto the love they all want…Forever?

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