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Reese Rivers

Before I Fall - Canadian Rockies

Before I Fall - Canadian Rockies

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The love that burns the hottest and shines the brightest can have the coldest and darkest end.

Eden Kelly will do whatever it takes, even fight time itself in pursuit of her happy ending.

Desperate to return to the men she loves and the life almost in her grasp centuries before, she has no way of knowing that stepping through the mirror again will not result in a love everlasting but a dark tragedy that may destroy them all.
Controlled by a deep obsession and need. Stripped of all thought and reason by it and the damage it will cause, her quest for love might turn to tragedy and end it all.

What will they be willing to do to keep the love they have found? Will Eden be able to make the greatest sacrifice for her men or will all be lost and shattered?

TRIGGER WARNING! Deep depression, dark content and major heartbreak!
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