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Reese Rivers

Falls Like Rain - Canadian Rockies

Falls Like Rain - Canadian Rockies

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Small town, second chance RH Romance

When she left, they fell apart. Now she’s back and it’s her turn to Fall.

I married my three best friends when I was ten, ran from them and everything I knew at eighteen to save one of them and now I’m back at twenty eight with no idea of who I am as a woman or what I want my future to look like. All I really know is, if I’m going to Fall, it’s going to be for ME

She was our everything, our future, but she ran away, broke us and left us in pieces for ten long years. Now she’s back and no matter how hard she tries to keep her distance and her secrets from us, we’ll do whatever it takes to find out the truth and then make her fall just as hard as we did.

Falls Like Rain is a small town, second chance, why choose romance with lots of sweetness, humor, detailed steam, healing and a touch of angst.
No MM, no OW drama or cheating and No choosing.
A MFC that digs deep to find her true self, heal and build a future where she takes what she wants and refuses to change herself to fit into anyone’s box.
This book in print is 355 pages long.
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